What men who practice no strings attached sex are afraid of

The free relations are connected with risks about which you should not forget.

no strings sex

Many men like the free relations. A minimum of responsibility and obligations, a maximum of bright impressions and pleasure – what else is necessary to feel the real macho? But also, in such situation does not do without reefs though men not really like to expatiate on them. What are most widespread fears?

Sexually transmitted diseases

std fearSex for one night – this huge field for experiments. Every time the new girl, new impressions, a new occasion to brag to friends. But, filling up the list of personal victories, many men begin to think of safety of such meetings sooner or later. A variety has also a reverse side – practically it is never impossible to be sure of the darling for all 100%.

Some men to avoid such issues use live webcams. It’s the product of new age where people can have webcam sex without any strings attached. For guys who are looking for horny girls can find them here and for girls looking for boys – they are called Cameraboys in the online community. So, it’s up to you. The idea is that that online sex allows to eliminate fear of STD.

If in the West it is considered quite normal to be convinced that the partner is healthy before going with him to bed, and even to ask to show the corresponding reference, then at us similar does not practice. Moreover, many girls do not know, they are sick with something or not. And, according to the statistics of WHO, daily more than one million people in the world catch venereal diseases. Therefore, the fear to pick up some disease or an infection, sexually transmitted, is quite justified.

Undesirable pregnancy

sexy teasing in bedFrom it is impossible to be completely insured. Happens that in a passion rush partners forget to be protected or appear in a situation when condoms do not appear near at hand. Or suddenly realize that their security measure tore.

Danger of casual sex and that the man does not know whether it is possible to trust the darling claiming that it accepts contraceptives. The temptation to refuse protection is rather high, and here the result of the unprotected sexual contact can be unexpected: not a secret that girls often use pregnancy as a reason for a wedding. Of course, nobody cancelled paternity test. But how to be if analyses show coincidence? As a result, instead of a pleasant, noncommittal petty intrigue the man should make the difficult choice.


The free relations are attractive to many men that they allow not to undertake any obligations. Meeting for a short time, it is possible to continue to live happily. It is not necessary to think of how to provide family, to overstrain at work to take children at the sea or to send to summer to the language camp, to try to meet someone’s quite often overestimated expectations. It is not necessary to be afraid to be insolvent as the husband or the father.

However, the reasons of this fear lie much more deeply: responsibility quite often is associated with growing, loss of youth, and men in panic are afraid to grow old! While many casual partners allow them to continue to feel on a horse, full of strength and energy.

Changes (control loss)

relationship changes life

Any relations bring cardinal changes to lives. Partners are forced to adapt the friend to the friend, beginning from household habits and finishing with the vital purposes. Together with the constant girl her relatives, girlfriends, colleagues enter life of the man. And he should interact, find with them a common language, to allocate time for trips on a visit or the organization of parties at home – usually to the detriment of own hobbies or desires.

The habitual course of events is broken: instead of quiet evening at the computer or, on the contrary, a visit with friends of bar the man is forced to go to theater or to stay at home with the child.

The schedule of life changes, even housing changes! The partner always introduces something special in a house interior, arranging him on the taste. At the person who got used to control everything himself also to solve as when to him to do, it causes deep rejection.

Despite defying by the polygamous nature, many men secretly dream of smooth water and happy family. And, having much gamboled in youth, prefer to settle down. But some and remain adherents of the free relations and to re-educate them even you should not try!